Making the Adjustment to Assisted Living in Omaha, NE

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A great deal of effort went into finding the best facility for Assisted Living in Omaha NE. With the loved one now settled into the facility, the next hurdle is to adjust to life in the new environment. By taking a proactive approach, it is easier to become comfortable in the space and truly see it as being home instead of a place to live. Here are some tips that will help.

Getting the Lay of the Land

Once the room or suite is arranged, and all the packing boxes are discarded, it’s time to go exploring. Visit each of the spaces set aside for use by the residents. This could include a nice common room that is equipped with a large-screen television as well as a patio area sporting comfortable chairs and lounges. There may even be a lending library on the premises. Don’t forget to check out the kitchen and the dining hall and find out what’s on the menu for the next week. There could be some favorites coming up in the next couple of days.

Making Friends

Part of the difficulty of getting adjusted to Assisted Living in Omaha NE is that all the familiar faces from the old neighborhood are elsewhere. See that as an opportunity to start making friends with some of the other residents. In a short time, it will be possible to find out who happens to share some common interests like certain television shows, sports, or hobbies.

Participating in Activities

Most assisted living facilities have an activities director who comes up with things that everyone can enjoy. Find out when supervised shopping trips or visits to local restaurants are planned, and sign up for them. If a resident’s birthday is coming up, find some way to help with the preparations. Getting involved with the life of the community will make it much easier to feel at home and make the most of the new circumstances.

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