• July 5, 2022

Maximizing Sales Opportunities With Mobile-First Sales Enablement

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Sales enablement through mobile platforms refers to software that organizes and streamlines sales media or digital media assets. Mobile-first Software-as-a-Service sales enablement platforms are uniquely suited to the needs of B2B manufacturers.

On-Demand Content for Sales

A sales enablement app results from an in-depth process of research, product testing and development. It serves as a source of standardized digital assets for distribution on dealer networks or a trade show floor. It can incorporate a variety of WYSIWYG, or what-you-see-is-what-you-get, builder modules for the development of virtual showrooms. These virtual presentations can feature interactive demonstrations, custom calculators and product comparisons.

Simplified Management of Sales Content

A sales enablement app can also help keep mobile sales teams current on marketing assets, wherever it is in the field. Assets can include an immediately accessible product catalog or a company-specific sell-by-number method. The app can merges seamlessly with workflows and quickly update and deploy without IT assistance.

Up-to-Date Teams

Customizable news updating systems can make sure that complete product catalogs, pricing sheets and all marketing materials instantly update and keep teams aware of current pricing and product information.

Product Demonstrations and Comparisons

A sales enablement app has the unique ability to offer interactive product demonstrations for customers, even at remote points of access. The feature also allows sales teams to arrange product comparisons that demonstrate features side-by-side to highlight benefits and make individualized selling propositions.

Mobile-first sales enablement can help companies operate leaner, smarter and faster and move ahead through deployed digital tools. These tools are designed for easy operation and workflow integration to keep distributors and dealers current, engaged and self-sufficient.