• May 29, 2023

Miami, FL. tactical knives are perfect for hiking and camping

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Spending a night or two out in the woods is a popular hobby. However, one popular variation of the old-fashioned camp-out is to leave the tent behind and hike out into the woods. Therefore, hikers that enjoy the more down-to-earth type of camping should consider a top-notch tactical knife.

A quality tactical knife will be small to medium-size and very strong. It is thick, thus making it easier to sharpen multiple times. Some will fold up into the handle for easy storage while others will require a holder for storage. Its shape also makes it easier to hold and use for various cutting tasks.

When hiking there are many uses for tactical knives. Of course, the obvious includes slicing though sticks for fire kindling or perhaps rigging a snare for dinner. Indeed, the knife could even be used to make a small, temporary shelter. This could be as simple as cutting up some long branches or saplings and rigging up a lean-to frame. Next, cut some leafy branches off a few trees and drape over it. Place the shelter so the wind hits the side with the leaves, and it becomes a comfortable spot to spend a few hours or overnight.

Sharp tactical knives become invaluable as they slice through blackberry canes and vines blocking overgrown trails. In addition, scratching directional marks in trees is easy. And don’t forget to use the knife to dig up some wild onions or harvest pine nuts for dinner. Contact Viper Tec at www.vipertecknives.com