Moving 101: Items Professional Movers Won’t Transport on a Moving Truck

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Moving Services

Obviously, movers in West Chicago, IL, can’t take Fido and Fluffy in the moving truck. Potted plants likewise don’t fare well on moving trucks. Most families pack the nail polish remover along with the personal grooming items, not realizing this is a big no-no. Families need to know what items can’t be moved on a truck. Here they are.


Most users don’t consider the flammability of many household chemicals. However, they pose too great a risk in the enclosed environment of a moving truck. Carry chemicals in the car.

These include household cleaners, ammonia, bleach, and corrosive chemicals like drain cleaners, pool chemicals, acid products, aerosol cans, darkroom chemicals, pesticides, weed killers, and poisons.


Flammable liquids aren’t just gasoline, but the propane tank in the grill, the kerosene heater, lighter fluids, charcoal, paint, and paint thinners. Chemistry sets, Sterno, fertilizers, motor oil, and cooking oils won’t go on the truck.

Hard Items

Carry in the car guns, ammunition, matches, car and household batteries, the fire extinguisher, and SCUBA tanks. Food from the fridge and freezer should be carried in the car. Throw away open fresh or frozen food packages. Give away produce.


Movers in West Chicago, IL, recommend carrying personal items in the car. These include any papers like insurance, titles, deeds, financial papers, medical records, photographs, and albums. Also included are electronics such as pagers, iPods, cell phones, tablets, and laptops, DVDs, CDs, or tapes, jewelry, medications, and any collections.

Out of the Box

Lots of people discard original boxes that include a grill, plasma TV, the lawnmower, or the weed eater. Some can fabricate enclosures for some of these items so they can be packed on the moving truck. Other families move them in a pickup truck. The same is true of lawn care items, such as rakes or snow shovels. Most moving companies won’t move these items.

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