Must-Have Security Features for a Prospective Tuscaloosa Storage Unit

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When you’re choosing a storage unit, your number one priority and concern should be the safety of your belongings. If your belongings are at risk, it would be easier just to put your belongings out in your backyard and hope for the best. Since storage companies understand this, most of them offer at least the appearance of security. However, these are the features you should look for to determine if a storage facility truly takes security seriously.

Security Gate

Most self-storage in Tuscaloosa, AL, offers a security gate to allow for efficient movement of vehicles in and out of the facility. A good storage facility, though, will utilize a gate with pin code protection. This allows each person to enter the facility whenever they’d like but only using their unique identification information, thus creating a record of who has come and gone from the facility. Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to how vehicles are able to exit the facility, as poor security here can be exploited by those with ill intent.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance serves two purposes for self-storage in Tuscaloosa, AL. First, it acts as a deterrent, reminding any would-be thieves that they’ll be captured on camera. Second, in the unlikely event that a crime does occur, the video provides concrete evidence of what took place. Therefore, it’s vital that the storage facility you choose has a variety of hidden and visible surveillance cameras to capture the facility from all angles.

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