Off-Grid Properties in the US Need a Rainwater Collection System

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Business

A remote RV park, hunting lodge, farm, or any other place that’s off-grid could benefit from a commercial rainwater collection system. Not only that but there are also systems for collecting greywater, which could be recycled to an RV dump station.

Harvesting rainwater and recycling greywater could be used independently or used to reduce the use of well-water. For one thing, rainwater is extremely pure even before being filtered. On the other hand, well-water can contain radon, heavy metals, and farm chemicals, such as pesticides. If you want to ensure that your guests have the freshest, purest water available, install a rainwater collection system.

However, if you are harvesting rainwater in an urban setting, it will need to be thoroughly filtered. That’s because urban rainwater picks up air pollutants and city grime from the roof as it falls. A commercial rainwater collection system has a built-in filtering system that filters the water before it is contained. That ensures a clean cistern and the purest water.

A commercial rainwater collection system can be sized and designed for your specific application. The same is true for a commercial greywater system. With these systems in place, you’ll be far less reliant on well water.

Harvesting rainwater and recycling greywater are environmentally responsible as well as self-reliant. If you own an off-grid property that uses well-water, adding a rainwater harvesting system can provide better quality water. Recycling greywater further reduces your reliance on wells.

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