Options For White Ant Treatment

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Pest Control

White ants, also known as subterranean termites, are a problem throughout Australia. The vast majority of termite species in the country are annoying but non-destructive, but this is not the case for the white ant.

These termites feed on any materials that contain cellulose. Cellulose is found in wood, wood products, fabrics, paper, building materials, and a range of other similar products that contain wood in any form. They can also be found in insulation and sealant materials used in construction.

The subterranean termite gets the name white ant from the color of the body and the similarity in appearance to a black ant. Depending on the specific time of year, the young termites leaving the colony also have small wings, so they can be mistaken for small moths or other flying insects.

Signs of Termites

The most obvious signs of termites are the breakdown of wooden materials in the home with the obvious hollow interior. Other signs to look for include tubes made of mud along the outside of the home that allows the termites to travel around with protection.

Any type of damage to wood components in the building, including sagging doors and cracks in walls, may be a sign of a white ant problem.

Treatment Options

The first step in any white ant treatment plan is for our team to inspect the property. We then plan the most effective mode of treatment, which can include creating chemical barriers in the soil, which are environmentally safe and highly effective.

We also work to locate the nest and eliminating the colony if it is on the property. The most effective white ant treatment plan both eliminates current infestations and works to reduce the risk of another colony moving onto the property.

Our technician will discuss any areas of concern with the landscaping that may create an attraction for white ants. As part of a proactive white ant treatment plan, this allows homeowners and commercial property owners to prepare for the future. We do this by eliminating likely environments while also having our products in place to control white ants currently on the property.

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