Out of Alignment Optical in Madison, AL: Defining Strabismus

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Vision

While some people have common vision problems such as near-sightedness or far-sightedness, children often need help with a condition known as strabismus. This visual condition occurs in both boys and girls, and often runs in families. However, that does not mean your child may not have this optical condition that is often associated with family history.

A Problem with Eye Movement

This condition, which is related to optical in Madison, AL, results from eye movement difficulties. Six muscles in the eyes control movement, and are affixed to the exterior of each eye. One muscle moves the eye to the left while another muscle moves the eye in the opposite direction, or to the right. The other muscles move the eye upward, downward, or at an angle.

Normal Vision – A Healthy Balance

To make sure of an even optical alignment, all the eye muscles must be in sync, or working as one unit. Therefore, they need to be coordinated. The brain influences this coordination. When the vision is normal, both the eyes focus at the same area. The brain, in turn, combines the two images and forms a single, 3D picture, thus, providing depth perception.

What Happens When One Eye Is Misaligned?

When one eye is out of optical alignment, two different images are processed and transmitted to the brain. In a child, one of the pictures is bypassed—or the image is produced from the misaligned eye—and only the image from the better eye is seen. When this happens, a child loses his or her depth perception.

Arrange for a Visual Examination for Your Child Today

If you have a child who has not had his or her eyes checked, now is the time to do so. You can learn more about conditions, such as strabismus, and other visual conditions. Choose a local provider for all your local eye care needs. Check with a business, such as Specs of Madison today.

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