Outdoor Safety: Carpenter Bees and Wooden Swingsets What You Should Know

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Playground Equipment

It is always fun to spend time on backyard swing sets with your children. However, finding carpenter bees on wooden kids’ swing sets can put a damper on your fun. After all, these are flying insects that may sting if they feel provoked.

Carpenter Bees and Wooden Swingsets What You Should Know

Carpenter Bees and Wooden Swingsets What You Should Know before doing a search for “wooden swing sets,” you need to do research on how to prevent carpenter bees before a family member is stung.

Reasons to Avoid Carpenter Bees

You need to avoid carpenter bees to keep your family safe while playing outside. A family member who is allergic to bee stings can be in trouble if a carpenter bee stings them. You may have a family member with an unknown allergy, and you never want to find out the hard way while they are playing on their outdoor swing sets.

How to Prevent Carpenter Bees

The best thing you can do is learn how to prevent carpenter bees from digging into your kids’ swing sets. One idea is to look into a protective finish or coating for your wooden playground equipment. This reduces the number of carpenter bees that are attracted to your swing set.

What to do if You Find Carpenter Bees

It is important to learn what to do if you find carpenter bees on your outdoor swing sets. First, teach your children not to wave at bees or try to shoo them away. If female bees feel threatened, they may sting your children. You can address the issue yourself or call an exterminator to take care of the problem.

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