Pay Bills or Purchase Supplies With Cash for Gold in Glendale AZ

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Selling or pawning gold is one of the most reliable and easy ways to generate quick income for personal use. Pawnbrokers who give cash for gold in Glendale, AZ, utilize several simple criteria to evaluate your prized items. Here’s how it works.

Cash for Gold Via Pawn

When you pawn gold for cash, you’re essentially getting a collateral-based loan. Your gold, the collateral, serves as a guarantee of repayment should you decide not to retrieve your pawned item.

You can keep your gold in pawn for 90 days at which time your loan comes due. However, if you need more time or are undecided about reclaiming your gold, you can extend your loan by simply paying the interest owed.

Interest on a collateral-based loan is typically 20 to 25 percent. If your initial loan amount is $100 dollars, the interest is $20. By paying the $20, you can extend your loan for another 90 days. This is particularly handy if you pawn a treasured item that you intend to keep but just need to keep in pawn temporarily.

Cash for Gold Via Sale

If you choose to sell your gold outright, the specialist at the pawn shop appraises your gold and offers a price for it based on two main factors: your gold’s weight in grams and the overall market value of the piece you’re submitting. You have the option of taking the full cash payout or using part of your gold’s value as store credit.

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