Physical Therapy in Charleston, West Virginia to End Pain

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Chronic pain from injury or diseases such as arthritis can interfere with a person’s enjoyment of life and physical activity. There are ways to overcome the pain and achieve healing. Surgery and pain medication can go just so far, then it is time for Physical Therapy in Charleston West Virginia. After an accident or at a certain point in the progression of a debilitating disease, it is time to seek treatment. An orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist can treat the injury or damage to body parts such as joints, muscles, hands, feet, or spine.

Physical Therapy Practices Can Help

Some people suffer sports injuries, others may be in car accidents or suffer falls. Age and disease cause joints to fail. And, there can be neurological conditions that limit the enjoyment of life. Orthopedic surgery may help with joint replacement, broken bones, and other conditions. But, when the surgeon is done, the physical therapist must take over to help patients complete their healing process.

Some conditions do not call for surgery but need physical therapy to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and prevent further injury or falls. Healing takes guided work. A trained physical therapist can help patients with exercises and life changes that will help alleviate pain, improve balance, and increase a person’s range of motion. Some conditions are due to stress that causes muscles to tense up and hurt.

Some Areas Physical Therapists Specialize In

Physical Therapy in Charleston West Virginia may include the following services.

  • Neurological condition treatment
  • Therapy for the hand and shoulder
  • Alleviating certain chronic pain
  • Therapy after surgery for the replacement of the knee, ankle, and hip
  • Musculoskeletal therapy
  • After-surgery improvement of balance for older people
  • Neck and back pain treatment
  • Therapy after surgery for sports injuries.

These physical therapy treatments are on an outpatient basis scheduled at the patient’s convenience. The equipment and treatments are up-to-date and effective. The physical therapist and patient discuss the condition and treatment options at the beginning of the treatment. A plan is designed for each patient.

At the end of the treatment cycle, the patient should enjoy a more pain-free life with an improved range of motion. Contact Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC for additional information. You can follow them on Instagram.