Plumbing Upgrades That Help Add Value to Your Home in Charlotte, NC

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Plumbing & Plumbers

When it is time to sell your home, you may be considering remodeling or renovation to help you fetch a higher price. If so, then you will want to look into upgrading your plumbing. Slightly different than fully remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen, a plumbing upgrade focuses on the pipes and fixtures.

Install Low-Flow Toilets

Also known as low-flush toilets, low-flow toilets result in direct and immediate savings. They can handle waste much more efficiently than other toilets, and they appeal to home shoppers who are interested in sustainability. They are an easy install job for any experienced plumber in Charlotte, NC, and will not break the bank.

Luxury and Low-Flow Showerheads

A good shower will turn heads during an open house; however, a great shower could sell a home. You can make your house look more attractive by adding luxury and low-flow showerheads to your bathrooms, especially the master. Because of the low-flow part, your shower will attract buyers interested in minimizing their environmental footprint. With the luxury part, you will hit a home run with those looking for a little high-class treatment when they shower.

Double Sinks

Homebuyers like to see double sinks. Double sinks help to reassure shoppers that they will have plenty of room and convenience when they move in, especially if they have larger families. Kitchens and master bedrooms are great places to have double sinks. If you have a large renovation budget, you may want to consider installing double sinks in all the bathrooms in your house.

Pipe Upgrade

If you are in an upgrading mood, why not replace some of those old pipes? If your house is old, chances are that your pipes may be damaged or on their way there. Getting new ones will help to reassure buyers that they have years of good plumbing ahead of them.

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