Practical Options for Preventing Back Flow from Your Home’s Main Sewer Line

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Plumbing & Plumbers

You never really think about the main sewer line under your home until it malfunctions. It is then that you realize the role that this line played and much damage it can cause to your home when it gets clogged.

Because of the role it plays in your everyday life at home, you need to take measures regularly to keep the line open. With a professional back-flow prevention service in Kansas City, MO, you can prevent water and sewage from backing up into the place unexpectedly.

Snaking the Main Line

As you live in your house, you never know for sure what if anything could be clogging the main sewer line. You put everything from toilet paper to food down the drains in your home. You also accidentally put debris like hair and grease down it, not realizing the potential for damages to the line.

When you opt for professional back-flow prevention service in Kansas City, MO, you can have the line snaked out everyone to two years. The snaking of the line will push out any clogs that are growing in the sewer system. It also keeps the line open for water and other debris to flow from your house out into the main municipal or county sewer line.

Pipe Replacement

If you live in a house that is more than 50 years old, you could need the sewer line dug up and replaced with new pipes. These lines typically remain open and in good condition for up to 50 years. After that point, the lines can become clogged and compromised.

The back-flow prevention service can dig up and replace the main sewer line. The work can be billed to your homeowner’s insurance.

Keeping the sewer line from your home open is critical. These services can prevent backups into your home.

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