Protect Your Continental U.S. Business Against Slip and Fall Accidents

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The main entrance to restaurants, retail stores, and banks all have one thing in common; hard floors where customers can slip and fall. Prevent slip and fall accidents with extra-large front door mats. The extra-large front door mats have the following qualities and benefits.

Reduce Water and Liquid on the Floor Near the Doors

Reduced water near a door means that there’s nothing for a customer to slip on. These mats actually soak up all the snow, rainwater, ice, and anything else liquid that customers track in all year. With all of that going into the fibers of the mats, it isn’t on the floor where it can cause someone harm.

Keep Your Floors Cleaner

Because the mats are covering the floors near the entrances to your business, the floors themselves stay cleaner. Your maintenance or cleaning crew will have to pick up the mats and mop the floor at least weekly to keep the floor space on the edge areas of the mats clean. Other than that, the mats protect the floors very well.

The Mats Are Washable

Imagine big floor mats doing all of the above, and they’re washable too. You do need to find a commercial floor mat cleaning company, but then your mats will be in constant rotation to be cleaned and presentable to the customers coming through your door. You can even buy mats that are customized to reflect your company’s logo, catchphrase or pictures.