Purchasing New Parts for a Garage Door to Extend Its Life in Novi, MI

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Garage Door Repair

Many homeowners who are experiencing problems with their garage door may be surprised to learn how much quality garage doors and installation can cost. While it may seem expensive, purchasing a quality garage door could mean that the homeowner would never have to replace it in their lifetime.

One thing that a homeowner may consider is purchasing new garage door parts in Novi, MI, and repairing their current garage door as opposed to completely replacing it. This may be a less expensive option and could extend the life of the current garage door for several years.

If a homeowner finds that their garage door is hard to open or close, the springs may need to be replaced. In most cases, standard springs that are used in garage doors will last for 10,000 cycles. If a homeowner opens their garage door six times every day, this means that the springs are only going to last five or six years. When purchasing garage door parts in Novi, MI, it may be better to buy springs that are of higher quality and will last at least 20,000 cycles.

The homeowner could also upgrade the insulation in the garage door. This would help them to save money on energy costs. It may also be wise for the homeowner to purchase a new garage door opener. Updating the garage door opener will offer the homeowner convenience and will add another layer of security to the home.

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