Schedule a Fire Inspection in Honolulu to Ensure Increased Safety

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Fire and Security

Various pieces of fire protection equipment must be inspected at certain times. For example, if your restaurant features a fire suppression system, you need to schedule a semi-yearly inspection and test. You also need to provide the same type of routine testing if you have a spray booth dry chemical suppression system.

Learning When Inspections Should Be Made

An equipment-based fire inspection in Honolulu involves testing fire extinguishers yearly. They should also receive maintenance six years after the date of manufacture and a hydrotest 12 years after the manufacturer’s date. These parameters have been set by companies, such as, online.

Other Inspections That Should Be Done Once and Twice Per Year

The fire hose should receive a fire inspection test after a year, while clean agent systems should receive semi-yearly testing and inspecting. Fire pumps should be tested each year, and also require churns monthly. Annual testing is also suggested for fire sprinklers and fire hydrants. Dry stand pipes and wet stand pipes should be tested after five years.

Refer to a Full-Service Provider

When you need a fire inspection test of equipment, you need to make sure the company you contact is a full-service fire services company – a business that offers inspections, maintenance, and testing. Once you find a company of this caliber, you can rest easy about any further installations, testing, or maintenance.

Go Online and Find a Reliable Provider Now

Why should you call around town when you can go to one place for the installation, maintenance, and inspections of fire equipment? You can find out further details when you contact an online business in your local community. Doing so will give you a chance to see what is involved in the testing and inspecting of equipment. Stay current on your maintenance and fire equipment installation needs by going to one dependable source. Look online first to make your search easier. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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