Services Available Through Cosmetic Dentistry In Camas, WA

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In Philadelphia, dental patients undergo cosmetic procedures to improve their smile. The treatments address discoloration, damage, and replace missing teeth. Some procedures are covered by dental insurance. A local dentist offers Cosmetic Dentistry in Southampton, including all popular services.

Veneers for Discoloration and Reshaping

Veneers are a terrific solution for permanent discoloration and misshapen teeth. The dentist creates an indention in the front of the tooth enamel. The veneer is bonded to the tooth and reshaped. The products help dentists correct slight alignment issues, too.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are beneficial for stubborn stains caused by red wine and smoking. The dentist places a barrier over the gums to protect them and applies the peroxide solution on each individual tooth. An ultraviolet lamp is used to maximize the whitening effects. Some dentists provide at-home kits to maintain the results.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery offers a more permanent solution to tooth loss. The titanium root is installed through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. The implant crown is connected to the root in the final stage of the procedure. The dental implants perform in the same way as natural teeth and look more natural than dentures. The patient’s voice isn’t distorted like it is with dentures, and they won’t have to worry about the implants falling out of their mouths.

Dental Bonding and Corrections

Dental bonding is a more effective way to correct the damage. The dentist reconstructs the tooth with dental bonding materials. The resin or porcelain is applied after decay is removed. The dentist reshapes the material and makes the tooth aesthetically pleasing. An ultraviolet lamp cures and strengthens the material.

In Philadelphia, cosmetic dentistry includes services that improve the overall look of the smile. Corrective procedures are included in the services and remove stains and discoloration. The treatments include surgical options, such as dental implants that replace missing teeth more permanently. Dental bonding offers better repair options and lasts longer than fillings. The dental professional offers suggestions for patients who want a better smile. Patients who want to book an appointment for Cosmetic Dentistry in Southampton contact Absolute Smile right now.