Set a High Bar and Powerful Example With Built-to-Order Trade Show Displays

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Business

The value of trade shows to growing startups and established players can’t be overstated. The largest annual trade shows serve as unparalleled marketing events where you meet customers and competition, engage the media, generate leads and showcase your brand’s unique look and brand value proposition. No other visual impact blends all these elements more profoundly and seamlessly than custom trade show displays.

Tweaking Standards Precisely to Your Vision and Goals

Your options for custom trade show displays include purchase or rental. Both types give you the freedom of crafting a unique, brand-specific display. Choose between several standard configurations you can later customize with furniture, accessories, pipe, draping and tech.

Categories of displays for purchase include showstopping, award-winning displays previously crafted for big name corporate brands like PayPal and eBay. Some of these displays were themselves refurbished and can be refurbished again, or you can initiate the creation of a similar island display that capitalizes on the concept and layout of a former iteration.

You may also design your custom trade show displays from scratch. A secure, easy interface between you and the design team lets you upload designs and assets for the creation of custom signage and displays immediately.

Inline, Island or 10 x 10?

Selecting the right size trade show display is a bit tricky. It’s helpful to have your brand vision, products and launch strategies solidified first in order to select a trade show display whose size and configuration meets your brand’s needs.

As a rule, inline displays, 10s and 20s are roomy, standard go-to options for most small-to-medium vendors. The leap from inline or linear to island typically occurs when an established brand seeks to expand their trade show presence in each industry.

Double decks are another wonderful and distinct configuration that resemble a small, multilevel building, offering products and info on the lower level and a social or VIP section on the upper level. Every single type of configuration is easily reconfigured to ensure a standout, on-brand result at your next trade show.

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