• March 25, 2023

Tedlar by DuPont – The Gas Sampling Film Ideal

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Made from classic, clear, DuPont film, Tedlar bags for gas sampling are some of the best and most widely used in the industry. Sold through independent retailers of gas sampling and air quality testing supplies, these bags can be used with multiple varieties of valves and fittings and are available in multiples sizes and styles.

What is Tedlar Used For?

Tedlar gas sampling bags are ideal for chemical gasses routinely tested for during air quality inspections, including:

  • VOCs
  • carbon monoxide
  • sulfur compounds
  • methane
  • carbon dioxide
  • sulfur hexafluoride

Why Choose Tedlar?

There are multiple advantages of the use of Tedlar gas sampling bags. Some of these include:

  • Tedlar film features low gas permeation levels
  • It is less permeable than FEP, PFA or TFM
  • It is also less expensive per item than FEP or PFA film
  • Bags made from Tedlar resist puncture during normal field use
  • It is also unaffected by by chemical compounds most commonly tested
  • Because of its chemical stability and durability, it is often recommended by the EPA for testing purposes

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Most companies who manufacture gas sampling bags have some sort of similar offering to Tedlar, but the chemical structure of Tedlar is unique in the industry. Unfortunately, DuPont has discontinued the production of the Tedlar material in many areas, making the gas sampling bags made from the substance hard to obtain in these locations. While some retailers do still offer Tedlar bags, many air quality inspection companies have begun stocking up on them to ensure they will continue to have the tools they will need for the foreseeable future. After all, regardless of how many similar options are offered by today’s manufacturers, there is simply no substitute for Tedlar!

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