The Benefits of Having a Water Softener System in St. Louis, MO

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You’ve heard of hard and soft water, but you may not know precisely what those terms mean. When water is hard, it is said to contain a substantial buildup of magnesium and calcium. Both of those elements are important for human health, but too much of either one of those elements can be destructive to your body as well as to your property. With a water softener system in St. Louis, MO, you can make sure you get rid of those elements and enjoy your water as it should be: soft and pure. Here are a few of the great benefits a water softener can bring to your home.

Smoother Skin

You will notice a change in your skin with a water softener system in St. Louis, MO. Hard water mixing with soap and shampoos often leads to sticky skin, and it is nearly impossible to completely wash the hard water lather from your body. What often results are clogged pores, rashes or other skin irritations. Additionally, hard water has been proven to cause acne and eczema.

Safe Utensils

Your utensils come in contact with water more than any other household item. If you are washing with hard water, then they are at the greatest risk of becoming damaged. Pots, pans and kettles can likely develop a film, and your cutting utensils may become dull thanks to exposure to hard water. Overall, your dishes will look duller and dirtier when using hard water.

Prevents Buildup in Your Washing Machine

If your water is hard, then you can expect your washing machine to have an ever-growing buildup of calcium and magnesium. Washing your clothes with hard water can lead to them wearing out faster since soft water cleans clothes more efficiently than hard water does.

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