• July 5, 2022

The First Step to Renovating a Foreclosed Property in Camden NJ

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You’ve just scored a deal on a piece of foreclosed property, but it needs a lot of work. Both the building and the surrounding property need a massive amount of renovation. Not only are things being torn out and replaced in the existing building, but there are also tree stumps, brush and broken asphalt in and around the yard.

You need to not only hire help to clean the place up, but you’ll also need a concrete dumpster rental in Camden County. A concrete dumpster is built to haul away very heavy waste, such as broken pieces of concrete and asphalt.

These “roll-off” waste containers come in a range of sizes, from 15-cubic yards up to 30-cubic yards. You’ll often see these concrete dumpsters at both demolition sites and homes and buildings under renovation. Best of all, many concrete dumpster rental companies will also take the broken concrete from your property, and crush the concrete to recycle it.

If your property also has a lot of waste littering the yard, you’ll also need commercial & residential topsoil supplies to refresh the landscaping. One thing that adds curb appeal to a property is a green, beautifully landscaped yard. A fresh layer of topsoil will allow you to grow a lush lawn, gorgeous flower beds and even vegetables.

There is a lot of work to be done, and the first thing to do is, clean up all of the trash around the property.

To get started on your renovation with commercial & residential topsoil supplies and concrete dumpster rental in Camden County, contact Artistic Materials.