The Rights You Have as a Condo Owner in Schaumburg, Illinois

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If you are the owner of a condo, you are more than likely asking yourself do condo owners have rights. The short answer is yes. In fact, condo owners have plenty of rights and it makes sense that they should hire an attorney so that those rights are properly respected by outside forces.

Right To Review Documents

Anytime a condo owner requests that the Homeowner’s Association grant access to condo-related documents, including financial statements, meeting minutes, annual budgets, and a host of other pertinent information. The only reports that would be considered off-limits are reports that contain sensitive personal information. If the condo owner is denied, they need to consult with Schaumburg condo lawyers as soon as possible.

Protection Against Discrimination

If anybody wonders do condo owners have rights when it comes to discrimination, the answer is again a resounding yes. Condo associations may not, by law, discriminate against condo owners based upon their race, nationality, religious preference, sexual orientation, and any other legally-protected status.

Right To Attend Meetings

Unless the condo meetings are specifically labeled as “closed-session” meetings, a condo owner has the right to attend any and all meetings that the homeowners association has. They also have the right to ask for a meeting to be held if they have any specific issues they feel need to be addressed. You should definitely seek out Schaumburg condo lawyers if you have been denied access to a meeting.

Please contact Keough & Moody, P.C. if you have questions regarding condo ownership and your rights.

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