The Top Considerations When Installing an Accessible Bathroom in NJ

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Installing an accessibility bathroom in NJ is a necessity for anyone who has a loved one in their home that needs a little assistance when using the facilities. It can be the difference between someone retaining their independence or having to consider moving to a new location. Transforming your bathroom is simple if you ensure that these three items are addressed.


Bathing can be complicated for anyone dealing with a disability. A few adjustments will make the experience safe. Installing a curbless shower allows those in wheelchairs, with walkers, or at risk of falling to enter safely. You could also consider a walk-in tub. Shower seats are helpful as well.

The Sink and Vanity

The vanity needs to be open underneath with no cabinetry blocking the way of a wheelchair. Single-handle faucets are easier to grip, and a sturdy countertop provides one with something to hang on to. Remember to lower the mirror or install one that tilts.

Toilet Accessibility

The toilet should be between 17 and 19 inches in height. The higher seat makes it easier to sit down, stand up, or transfer from a wheelchair. Place the toilet paper dispenser at a comfortable height, and have at least one grab bar within reach of anyone sitting down.

Once you have made sure that these three features are included in your accessibility bathroom in NJ your loved one will retain their dignity and independence. Visit Mobility123 – Stiltz & Stairlifts at to get started on your renovation.

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