Things To Check Before You Call An Air Conditioning Repair Professional near Phoenix

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

An air conditioning unit needs to be maintained regularly for it to work without a glitch. An air conditioning repair professional can perform this task; however there are some simple maintenance tasks that most home-owners can do. Failing to maintain your air conditioner properly can lead to a fall in its performance, thus it is important that you know the basic steps to preserving your unit’s useful life.

The basic maintenance task for all air conditioning units is to clean or replace its filters regularly. Dirty or clogged filters block normal airflow, decreasing the efficiency of your unit as well as increasing your energy consumption. A dirty filter might send debris or thrash into your unit’s evaporator coil, thereby impacting its capability to absorb heat. Most air conditioner filters are located on the unit’s ceiling, wall or grill. Your system’s filters need to be replaced or cleaned every one or two months in peak cooling and heating seasons.

As stated earlier, clean filters prevent dirt build-up on evaporator coils. Over time, the condenser coil and evaporator coil become murky from dust and dirt naturally found within the atmosphere. The condenser coil accumulates dirt from the external environment, such as dryer vents and foliage. This dirt accumulation insulates the coils, decreasing their capability to absorb heat. It is recommended that you examine your evaporator coil once a year and make sure you clean it when required. Remove any leaves, lawn clippings and dust around your condenser.

Aside from ensuring that your unit’s condenser coils and evaporator are clean at all times, you should fix any crooked fins on the condenser coils. The condenser fins are produced from aluminium and can easily be bent or crooked. This can impede efficiency and block normal airflow. If your air conditioning unit requires more than regular maintenance, hire a professional air conditioning repair technician near Phoenix. An experienced technician can examine your unit’s refrigerant, check for leaks, as well as capture any refrigerant which might have escape from your device. In addition, they can inspect electrical systems, measure air flow, as well as check your thermostat’s accuracy. If you are looking for air conditioner repair, replacement or maintenance services for your present unit, contact Worlock AC & Heating Specialist.

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