Three Benefits of Installing Concrete Flooring in Your Florida Home

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Flooring services

Concrete flooring is commonly found in basements and garages. But concrete flooring in Stuart, Florida, and other states is becoming more common for interior use. Some homeowners are taking notice of the design options provided by concrete floors. And there are also several benefits to consider.

1. Concrete floors require little maintenance. When concrete floors are properly installed, they are extremely durable. Dirt, stains, and spills are easy to clean. Simply mopping or sweeping is enough to keep a concrete floor looking good as new.

2. Concrete floors offer several design options. Modern finishing techniques have made it possible to create beautiful concrete floors. Most notably is the ability to add color to wet concrete to produce various colors. There’s also paint specifically for concrete.

3. Built-in heat is also possible with some concrete floors. This is possible if you’re starting a new construction or adding new concrete over an existing slab. Hot water tubes or electrical cables inside the concrete can create warm floors.

Additional Considerations

It’s a fact that concrete is hard. And while that’s often a plus, it can also work against you. Dropping anything made of glass on a concrete floor will surely shatter the glass. And if you have children or elderly people in your home, they could hurt themselves if they fall on the hard floor. A solution is to use area rugs in areas frequented by the elderly or children.

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