Three Definite Signs That You Might Need HVAC Repair or Service

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Your HVAC system is the most crucial system you have in your home or business. Therefore, you must contact a company that provides HVAC repair in Jacksonville if you notice any awkward behavior form the system. The following are three signs that you might need HVAC repair or service.

Strange Smells or Allergic Reactions

A dirty filter can cause a lot of problems for you and the people in your environment. You may need to have someone come and perform an HVAC repair in Jacksonville if you experience the common symptoms of a dirty filter. Your filter may need to be replaced if you notice a bad smell in your home, and you’ve inspected it for all other causes. A dirty filter can wreak havoc on people who have allergies, as well. Therefore, you may notice that certain family members or employees may be sneezing, coughing or wheezing more than usual.

Failure to Cool or Heat

Another common HVAC problem is the failure to cool or heat the area. That problem can have a variety of causes, such as a thermostat malfunction or normal wear and tear on the parts.


Leaks can also have a variety of causes. You could have a clogged drain line. A service technician can easily assist with that problem if you allow him to.

The important thing is to tend to symptoms as quickly as possible. Set up a consultation with a reliable provider, and you might be able to solve your issue without skipping a beat.

Contact Air McCall Heating and Air Conditioning at if you notice any of the problems mentioned above or anything else that makes you think that your unit may be malfunctioning.