• March 25, 2023

Tips for Purchasing HVAC Units in St Augustine FL

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Energy consumption from HVAC Units in St Augustine Fl contributes for more than half of a homeowner’s energy bills. It is important that the purchase of an HVAC unit is not something that should be taken lightly, as purchasing one plays a significant investment for the comfort of the home. Whether this is the first HVAC unit or if replacing one, it is important to purchase a unit with these factors in mind in order to ensure the best unit possible.

Purchasing a New HVAC Unit

Heating and cooling size, capacity, and type. The first thing that should be checked prior to replacing or installing a new unit is the heating and cooling capacity of the unit. It is important to ask a professional HVAC technician about the reviews of the system that previous customers have left in order to ensure that the cooling and heating requirements are met and that they are sized properly to fit the home. A unit that says one size but delivers another can affect the heating and cooling of the home, resulting in higher energy bills and a home that does not have a comfortable climate.

Energy efficiency

A heater and air conditioner consume a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, it is important to verify what the new unit’s energy consumption is prior to purchasing. Doing so will help the homeowner to save their hard-earned money and energy for many years to come.

Noise levels of the unit. It is important to ensure that the new unit is not causing a lot of unnecessary disturbances throughout the home. It is important to check the noise levels of the unit prior to purchasing.


Regularly performing maintenance on HVAC Units in St Augustine FL is crucial in order to ensure that the unit works properly for years to come. Prior to installing a new unit, it is important to keep in mind that it will need to be regularly maintained in order to keep the unit’s warranties in effect.

Purchasing a new HVAC unit does not need to be a daunting task. Keep in mind the few tips listed above in order to make an informed decision. For more information visit First Coast Climate Control today.