Top Tips to Find the Best Roofer in Franklin

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Roofer

Since most homeowners will only replace a roof once in their lifetimes, finding the roofing contractor can be a stress-inducing experience. For a once in a lifetime purchase, homeowners don’t want just a skilled contractor; they want the Best Roofer in Franklin. Follow these suggestions help find the right roofer for the job.

Ask Around

Talk with friends, neighbors, and coworkers about roofers they have used in the past. Talk about their experiences and if they would use the same roofer again in the future. Additionally, contact recommended roofers and ask them to provide some client testimonials. Reputable roofers will have no problem giving customer references to potential clients.

Experience Matters

When considering roofing contractors, look for manufacturer designations or other certifications to show the roofer is skilled with the specific type of roofing material the homeowner desires. Some materials, such as metal, have a steep learning curve. Just because a roofer has years of roofing experience, they may not be the best roofer for a particular type of material.

Written Estimates

Contact a minimum of three recommended roofers for a written estimate. When comparing the estimates, be sure to compare apples to apples. With most purchases in life, the customer seeks to spend the least amount possible. This is not always best when it comes to roofing. The lowest estimate may not be the best overall value. Be sure to factor in warranties. Most manufacturers will supply a warranty on their products, but a contractor’s error during installation can invalidate the warranty. Reputable roofers will stand behind their work and offer a labor warranty.

Check Licensing and Insurance

Homeowners should only deal with licensed contractors to ensure they and their home is adequately protected. Additionally, verify the roofing company carries adequate insurance coverage in case of an accident. Improper or incomplete insurance policies should pose a red flag for potential customers.

Final Thoughts

A new roof is a significant investment; one a homeowner does not want to get wrong. A roof protects a home from the elements and helps preserve its curb appeal, as well. Ask around for recommendations for roofing contractors, looking for ones experienced working with the desired roofing materials. Evaluate the written estimates to determine which roofer will provide the best overall value. For more information about finding the Best Roofer in Franklin, contact HE Parmer.

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