Treating Arthritis in Gainesville, FL Means Understanding Its Symptoms

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The symptoms of arthritis show a significant amount of variation between different people. But this prompts an important question, why does arthritis pain vary in intensity and frequency among individuals? Part of the answer is the duration of your condition.

For example, if you were suffering from minor back pain you might imagine that it was just some slight strain. But if you went for back pain treatment in Gainesville, FL they might detect inflammation and recognize it as the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis. Asking, why does arthritis pain vary in intensity and frequency among individuals, also touches on something related to this example. Arthritis comes in a variety of different forms. You might feel the previously mentioned inflammation.

But other types of arthritis, like osteoarthritis, have minimal or no inflammation. Instead, osteoarthritis is typified by the slow loss of cartilage. This often produces sharper pain that’s more tied to direct movement rather than a continual ache.

There’s also the element of lifestyle to keep in mind. Your muscles can act as support for areas impacted by arthritis. So someone without much back muscle might find himself realizing that he needs to go for back pain treatment in Gainesville, FL earlier than someone with a lot of muscle. Weight supported in one person by joints might be supported more by muscle in another. Even diet can influence the severity of arthritis symptoms. You can schedule a consultation to learn more from QC Kinetix (Gainesville). View Testimonials

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