What An Public Adjuster in Hampton NY Can Do For You

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Whenever a person suffers a loss such as fire damage to a home, or theft of precious items like expensive jewelry, an insurance claim is filed. The insurance company has a claims adjuster that handles the claim and makes the arrangements for the policyholder to get paid. However, that doesn’t always seem to work out for the policyholder’s benefit. In order to get a better deal on getting what is fair to the policyholder, there are companies that have public adjusters who will work for the policyholder. An Insurance Public Adjuster in Hampton NY helps policyholders get what they deserve. Here is more about what public adjusters do.

The biggest benefit a Public Adjuster in Hampton NY can offer is to represent the policyholder as a third party claims adjuster when it seems like the insurance company’s claims adjuster is not dealing with the policyholder’s claim fairly. Perhaps there has been some sort of breakdown in communication between the insurance company and the policyholder. The public adjuster gives his or her client the advantage of speaking the same language as the insurance company. He or she will likely get a better payout on the claim.

The public adjuster really becomes handy when it is clear that the insurer intends to pay the claim, but there is a problem with identification of the losses and their value. The public adjuster will usually handle cases related to property damage and loss, or business losses. In some instances, they will handle other kinds of insurance claims, such as health insurance claims. The kind of cases the public adjusters handle are regulated by the state in which they operate. The policyholder will benefit greatly when using a public adjuster.

Rubin & Rosen Adjuster, Inc. has been meeting the public adjusting needs of clients in the Hampton, New York area for a long time. The insurance adjusting company puts the interests of the client protected and works to ensure the claims are handled properly. The company offers free consultation to clients to let them know what their options are.

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