What Is Covered Under Homeowners Insurance in Howell, MI?

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Insurance Services

A person’s home is their most expensive and most important investment. Not only does a great deal of their weekly paycheck go to paying the mortgage, but it is also the place where a person and their family live, keep their belongings, and spend most of the time. Because the home is so important, the homeowner should protect their investment with Homeowners Insurance in Howell, MI. There are several ways that insurance can protect a person’s home.

Structural Coverage of the Home

If something happens to the home, and it needs to be repaired or rebuilt, homeowners insurance will cover it. If the home is damaged during a break-in, by a fire, in a hurricane, lightning, or other disaster, it would be covered. Unfortunately, there are some types of damage that would not be covered under a standard policy. These include flooding, earthquakes, or normal wear and tear to the home.

Coverage for Personal Belongings

A homeowner’s personal belongings would be covered under their Homeowners Insurance in Howell, MI. If anything in the home is damaged by any type of disaster that is covered under the policy, the insurance would pay to replace it. The insurance would also cover personal belongings that were not in the home. For example, if the homeowner is traveling, and someone steals their luggage, the contents would be covered under their policy.

Liability Protection

If someone is injured on a homeowner’s property, they would be covered against lawsuits. This protection also covers incidents that occur off of the property. For example, if a child throws a ball through the neighbor’s picture window, the money for the repairs would not need to come out of the homeowner’s pocket, the insurance would cover it.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

If a person’s home is damaged due to something that is covered under their insurance policy, and it is destroyed or too dangerous to live in, their homeowner’s insurance can help. It would pay for the owner and their family to live somewhere else while the home is being repaired or rebuilt.

The first thing that a person should do when they purchase a home is to purchase a Homeowners Insurance Policy in Howell, MI from .

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