What Kind Of Payment Modes Do Heroin Addiction Clinics At North Aurora IL Accept?

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Health & Medical

With the rising costs of living, the cost of addiction treatment has become a luxury to many people struggling with addiction habit. The cost of addiction treatment is a common barrier that continues to persist. After recognizing that you have an addiction problem and finding a reputable Heroin Addiction Clinic North Aurora IL, you are likely to start figuring out how to pay for the treatment. So, what are your options? What modes of payment do treatment centers accept?


Many treatment centers will accept cash as a mode of payment for treatment. You could talk to the administrators to organize a payment plan if you wish to settle your bills at the treatment center using hard cash. On sourcing funds, you could consider personal loans, fundraising, borrowing money from friends and family, and personal savings. Today, banks and financial institutions consider addiction treatment as medical emergencies hence eligible for medical loans.


As drug addiction continues to become a global disaster, many insurance companies cover addiction treatment. Talk to your insurance company to see if they will cover your addiction treatment costs. On the other hand, rehab facilities accept insurance as a mode of payment. Insurance covers that cover for addiction care include private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, military insurance, and state-funded health insurance.

Credit cards

Certain rehab facilities will accept credit cards. In a bid to beat the drug addiction crisis, many treatment facilities are willing to listen to your payment plan. You could use your credit card partly together with out of pocket cash to settle your bills.

Approach your nearest Heroin Addiction Clinic North Aurora IL to listen to their payment methods. Do you feel the need to turn your life around from heroin addiction? Contact us today and let us help you formulate a program.

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