What Should Patients Expect When Receiving Dental Implants In Westchester County, NY?

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In Michigan, patients who are considering dental implants as a replacement option should know all the facts. These options don’t provide the same shortcomings as dentures. However, they require more extensive installation demands. A dentist performs a surgical procedure to provide Dental Implants in Detroit MI for these patients.

Does the Patient Need Bone Grafts?

The patient needs a strong jawbone to support a dental implant. If their jaw isn’t strong, the dentist performs bone grafts. These procedures allow the dentist to install grafts onto the jawbone to increase its strength. This prevents any failures after the implant tooth is installed. The dentist tests the strength of the jaw after the bone grafts have healed.

Explaining the Procedure and Healing Requirements

The procedure begins with the installation of a titanium root. The dentist installs these roots through the tooth socket whenever possible. The root is connected to the jawbone to provide heightened security. After this portion of the procedure, the dentist provides a partial to protect the installation. The patient wears the partial until their next appointment.

The last step of the procedure is the installation of the implant tooth or crown. It is connected to the root with an abutment that attaches to each device. The dentist tests the security of the installation to ensure that it won’t become dislodged.

More Secure Option for Replacing Teeth

Dental implants provide patients with more secure choices. They are installed permanently, and the patient doesn’t have to worry about common hindrances associated with replacements such as dentures. The teeth are white and restore the smile more effectively than other choices.

Natural Looking Teeth and Improved Function

These devices are more natural-looking. They also provide better function than other choices. They won’s slip when the patient is chewing or speaking. They remain in place at all times.

In Michigan, patients evaluate dental implants to discover their benefits. The benefits provide beautiful replacement teeth that look natural and function like natural teeth. They also eliminate possible hindrances by providing a more permanent solution. Patients who want to acquire Dental Implants in Detroit MI should contact DiPilla Dentistry of Detroit for more information today.

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