• August 11, 2022

What To Expect From Commercial Landscape Maintenance Scotts Valley

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Scotts Valley is beneficial to businesses, companies and industries. Since commercial properties consist of large surroundings, some of the services inclusive in commercial landscaping can differ from those of residential landscaping. Here are some of the services you should expect from commercial landscapers.

Lawn Care

Commercial landscapers provide top notch lawn care especially during growing seasons. Most commercial property owners sign agreements with their landscaping partners, a factor that can cater for weekly lawn care and maintenance. As part of the package, commercial landscaping companies equip their lawn movers with mulch decks which allow lawn clippings to decompose into mulch. Commercial lawns should be fertilized at least four times annually with extra charges for additional fertilization.

Maintenance of trees and shrubs

Commercial landscapers should provide monthly services for trimming, weeding and edging trees and shrubs in the compound. Most companies that offer commercial landscaping have insurance agreements that restrict usage of ladders, lifts or scaffolds. Therefore, regular maintenance of trees and shrubs circumvents these insurance restrictions. All the trees and shrubs should be fertilized at least twice a year and clippings disposed off-site.

Slope maintenance and ground cover

The flowerbeds and all ground covers should be properly maintained at least once every month. Proper trimming and edging is the key part of maintenance. The landscapers should also control the weed growth. Also, adequate irrigation and fertilization should be done on the flower beds.

Pest control

Rodents, insects or any creature that can harm the lawn, trees or shrubs should be controlled using organic pesticides. The commercial landscapers should also have foolproof methods of capturing the rodents that may break into the yard so as to enhance comfort. Rodents are not only an embarrassment, but also a health hazard.

Properly maintained commercial landscapes add aesthetic value to the property. Hiring the right commercial landscapers for the job is the key to maintaining a good lawn. Landscapers are advised to use organic fertilizers or pesticides, to prevent environmental friendly standard. Contact K & D Landscaping, Inc Service or visit the website for the best Commercial Landscape Maintenance Scotts Valley.

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