When Litigation Attorneys in Mankato, MN Are Needed During a Divorce

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A large majority of divorces are now managed without judges having to make decisions about disagreements. Couples typically work out their own arrangements or figure out solutions during collaborative meetings or mediation sessions. Sometimes, however, the divorce is so contentious that litigation attorneys in Mankato, MN must bring the case to court. This takes longer, is significantly more stressful and costs more. It may be the only way to finally end the marriage.

Stubborn Disagreements

Litigation attorneys in Mankato, MN usually become necessary when one or both spouses refuses to accept any settlement or payment arrangement the other spouse offers. By the time they proceed to court, their lawyers have already spent a long time trying to figure out a solution. Often, these stubborn disagreements focus on certain assets, the issue of spousal maintenance, or custody of the children.

Steps in the Process

The litigation process in a divorce begins with one of the lawyers from an organization like Blatz Law Office filing a complaint with the court. Attorneys representing each side complete the discovery process, during which they gather evidence to support their clients. They must fully reveal all information they find to the other side. Litigation is not intended to be secretive but rather to explore which side is more deserving of the demands being made.

Once in court, more time is spent with each side presenting testimony and evidence to back up their demands. This is intended to show the judge why each person deserves what they want. Witnesses may be called to present their support for one side or the other.

Coming to an Agreement

Sometimes the divorcing couple actually comes to an agreement during this process before the judge makes a ruling, which is acceptable to the court. In fact, only about 5 percent of divorce cases that begin the litigation process move all the way through the trial and have a judge make decisions for the couple. Many of these people finally hammer out an agreement the week before or even the day before trial is set to begin. See Blatzlawminnesota.com for information on one attorney that provides litigation services.

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