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Most people have never heard of empty leg flights. Empty Leg Flights in Fort Myers FL are a way for a person to save money on a flight.

What Is an Empty Leg Flight?

When a person books a one-way flight on a charter plane, the airplane needs to prepare for the next customer. It also may need to return to its home base. Since the plane will be empty when it returns or repositions, the company offers fares at a cheaper rate.

Why Don’t Companies Book Full-Price Customers For These Flights?

The answer to this question is logistics. Companies often cannot find another person who wants a private jet at that particular time in that specific area. Since the plane needs to return anyway, the companies book at a lower price to make a small profit.

How Much Can a Person Save On An Empty Leg Flight?

Empty flights are offered at a discount of up to 75 percent off the charter price. The actual savings would depend on the route and the company. If a person is willing to adjust their flight plan a bit, they can save a great deal of money on the flight. In some cases, the cost of an empty leg flight can be less than the price of taking a commercial flight while sitting in first-class or business-class.

Why Would a Person Change Their Flight Plan To Take an Empty Leg Flight?

The discounted cost of the flight is the most common reason that a person would do this. Also, most people cannot afford to take a private plane. With discounts of up to 75 percent off, taking a private plane is affordable. Since taking a private plane is convenient, luxurious, and a one in a lifetime opportunity, many people jump at the chance to take an empty leg flight.

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