• May 29, 2023

Why Monterey Cooking School Still Matters in Today’s Online-Recipe World

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If you have dreams of opening your own restaurant or becoming a chef at an existing restaurant, you may think the world of online instructional videos and your own secret family recipes will be enough to get you through. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of cooking, however, there are many components you need to perfect before being a successful chef. To understand why cooking school in Monterey, CA,┬ástill matters, here are a few of those areas in which you’ll want to hone your skills.


Knowing a recipe and being able to make that recipe come to life are two very different things. To cook these recipes and to do it in a way that is satisfying to a wide range of people, you’ve got to develop your technique. Whether it’s knowing when to pull something out of the oven to prevent burning, understanding pan-searing to create the perfect color on vegetables, or developing the patience to create perfect bread from scratch, learning quality techniques from cooking school in Monterey, CA, will serve you well.

No-Pressure Practice

Another beneficial aspect of cooking school is that it allows you to practice without pressure. Once you’re in the restaurant world, you’ll be faced with tight deadlines and picky customers. If you choose this venue to perfect your skills, you risk a career-ending failure. If you’ve already experienced these failures during your years at cooking school, however, you are less likely to face problems once you’re in the “real world.” This no-pressure practice is crucial to developing your character as a chef so that you’ll always have something unique to bring to the table.