• March 25, 2023

5 Reasons for Tree Removal in Oshkosh WI

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Winds, storms, and insects can be rough on trees, and in some cases, they can even bring about a tree’s early demise. Even if a tree has died of natural causes, it’s still important to consider tree removal in Oshkosh WI. The sooner problems are detected, the less costly they are. Below are several reasons to remove dead trees.

A Dead Tree Attracts Pests

A tree may be dying or already dead, but that doesn’t prevent rodents and other pests from using it as a nest. Squirrels, rats, and termites are all migratory creatures, and it’s easy for them to make the short trip from the tree to a customer’s home.

They’re Unattractive

Dead trees can be a real eyesore. If a customer spends good money to keep their lawn looking nice, there’s no reason to keep a dead tree around. Call an arborist to remove the dead tree and restore the healthy appearance of a home’s landscaping.

Diseases are Very Contagious

If a tree has died from a disease, other plants can become sick as well. Powdery mildew can grow on trunks and branches, and leaves can contract chlorosis. If there are other plantings around a dead or dying tree, these diseases can easily spread. A certified arborist can remove the dead tree and protect the health of other plants.

Wind Risks

A weakened branch from a dead tree can easily fall during a windstorm. However, these branches can fall at any time, which makes them a real liability if they fall onto a neighbor’s property. To prevent injury and property damage, get these dead trees and branches removed as soon as possible.

Dead Trees Are More Likely to Fall

Decomposition and decay can compromise the structural integrity of a tree. No matter which way a tree falls, it can cause damage to a customer’s or neighbor’s home, or it can hurt a family member or passerby.

Dead trees aren’t just unsightly, they can be dangerous. Removal can be difficult, and it should only be done by licensed, certified professionals. For tree removal in Oshkosh WI, call the office or visit website today.

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