Homeowners in LaGrange, GA Find Asphalt Driveways a More Economical and Greener Solution than Concrete

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Paving Contractors

People may be surprised to find out that asphalt is not a modern creation, but a material that was used in biblical times to waterproof ships and other items. Asphalt, also known as bitumen or “pitch” is actually a thick, naturally occurring petroleum-based substance that is refined and used in many modern products, but most commonly in roofing tar and as a binder for the combination of sand and gravel that we call asphalt.

There are several advantages to using asphalt as a paving material. When a roadway or driveway degrades, which is a natural result of weather, time, shifting ground and use, it can be reclaimed and reused, making asphalt a more “green” product than many would think. Additionally, it is less expensive than concrete and it can be easily repaired and maintained.

Harsh winters can take their toll on asphalt Driveways in LaGrange, GA, but sound construction practices, maintenance, repairs, resurfacing and regular sealing of asphalt surfaces will help to get many years of surface from an asphalt road or driveway. One of the most important factors in getting long life from asphalt paving is to begin with sufficient subsoil that supports the asphalt. The repair of a road or driveway that has is structurally unsound because of a lack of adequate subsoils will result in repeated repairs, throwing good money after bad. In situations like this, replacement of the asphalt is recommended. This will result in saving money over the long term and produce a better roadway for travel. Maintenance costs will be reduced and repairs less frequent.

Many homeowners choose asphalt Driveways in LaGrange, GA for the paving of their driveways. Asphalt looks great, provides superior traction in winter and is more easily maintained than concrete and does not produce dust and catch debris like gravel driveways. The resealing of asphalt should occur every few years, as recommended by a contractor. This will protect the asphalt from wear, help to repel moisture and will keep it looking great.

A licensed and insured asphalt company can provide estimates and recommendations to homeowners who need asphalt driveway repair or are considering the installation of a new driveway. Visit Phenix Paving & Maintenance, LLC for more information about asphalt roads and driveways.

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