• March 25, 2023

A Wonderful World – Why it Pays to Stay at a Luxury Hotel in Chicago

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Luxury hotels are on the rise in Chicago. Here’s what the best hotels have to offer.


Luxury hotels are designed with class. From elegant light fixtures to refined walls with elegant accent points, there is a lot to admire in a high-end hotel.


The atmosphere in a luxury hotel elevates the experience. When you arrive, you’ll

  • Be greeted by a friendly hotel staff member as you walk through the door
  • Smell pleasant scents as you walk around the lobby.
  • Get VIP treatment every step of the way.


The security team at all luxury hotels has high safety standards. It starts in the lobby. This is where you’ll find security guards on patrol, security cameras on the walls, and an elevator that requires a special keycard. On the upper floors, there are more security cameras and a programmable keycard slot on each door. You may not see the security team on these floors, but they will frequently patrol the halls while you’re away from your suite.

The Facilities

There are many points of interest inside a luxury hotel. Some hotels will have business meeting rooms, a gym, banquet halls, and other fantastic amenities for all guests.

Explore the World of Luxury Hotels in Chicago

Many reputable hotel businesses have a line of luxury hotels in Chicago. If you’re looking for a memorable experience, a luxury hotel may be right for you. To book a suite in Chicago, contact the London House Chicago, Curio Collection by Hilton today.

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