Enjoy the Excitement of Disney by Booking a Trip With a Charlotte Agent

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A vacation that your family likely won’t forget any time soon is one to Disney World. From rides to all the Disney characters that you can see or take pictures with, there are things for everyone in your family to do while at the park. If you’re trying to save money while experiencing as many activities as possible, then consider the benefits of a travel package.

Travel Options

When you look at Disney World vacation packages in Charlotte, NC, you’ll usually notice that there are a few different options for traveling to and from your destination. You can fly and then get a rental car to drive around the city or decide to drive your personal vehicle, which can save money as the travel company wouldn’t need to provide transportation.


Many of the Disney World vacation packages in Charlotte, NC, include food options. There are buffets available at several of the hotels as well as kid-friendly meals that include eating with one or two of the Disney characters. Consider how many meals you’ll likely sit down to eat and if you plan to get any beverages or snacks in the park as the prices could change based on these scenarios.

Hotel Rooms

The package that you purchase will likely include a stunning hotel room as well as a few extras that your family can enjoy including movies or snacks. Most packages will allow you to book a room in a hotel that is close to the park you plan to visit the most during your trip.