Common Problems that Can Risk the Health of a Tree

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Tree Service

When it comes to landscaping, trees are a popular choice to help improve the appearance of a home and the property. They can provide accent features to draw attention to a specific area and even provide privacy for the homeowner. However, with the use of trees for landscaping it becomes necessary to supply the care required to help keep them healthy. There are various reasons the health of a tree may be jeopardized and can affect how they look or create issues that can cause damage to the land. A tree service in Peachtree City, GA area can provide knowledgeable arborists that can detect these problems and provide the solution required to solve the issue.

Top Issues Arborists Find with Trees

* Trees can suffer drought stress from not receiving enough water to help the tree grow properly.

* The PH balance and compaction in the soil can affect the health of a tree and destroy the roots, which prevents the tree from growing properly.

* Poor air circulation or the roots getting too dry can cause a powdery mildew to grow on the tree. This problem usually occurs in the summer and can be solved often by providing mulch around the tree.

* Some trees’ health can be affected by a nutrient deficiency because the soil does not provide enough nutrients the tree requires to grow. Fruit trees may not produce any fruit, the tree’s growth may be stunted or the leaves may start drying out and changing color.

* Pest infestation is another culprit that can affect a tree’s health and risk the chance of the tree decaying. A tree service in Peachtree City, GA can provide an expert to detect pests and solve the issue.

Find a Solution for a Sick Tree by Calling an Expert

Do you have a tree on your land that looks sick? Maybe the trees used in landscaping are not growing as you hoped. Whatever the reason may be, you should contact the experts at 770-Tree-Guy to have a free, no-obligation assessment of your trees to determine the issue and to find a solution to the problem.

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