Conditions That Could Cause Back Pain in Residents of Jacksonville, FL

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Pain Management

Conditions That Could Cause Back Pain in Residents of Jacksonville, FL

The spine is a structure that goes from the pelvis up to the base of the head. It is made of more than 30 bones that encase the spinal column. These bones protect the nerve tissue. Issues that affect any one of these bones or the tissues that connect to them can cause people to visit a Jacksonville Spine Center.

Headaches are the only ailment that affects men and women more than back pain. You are likely to experience back pain at least one time in your life. Unfortunately, there are some people who deal with chronic back pain. This causes them to seek help from medical professionals at a Jacksonville Spine Center.

Another reason why a person may seek help from medical professionals is that they are dealing with arthritis of the spine. The joints in the spinal column cause them to experience pain. This pain may be mild or severe. Individuals who are dealing with severe spinal arthritis may experience the bones in the spine fusing together. This can cause them to lose flexibility in their back and rib cage.

Sciatica is a common ailment that is related to the spinal column. A ruptured disc may press on the sciatic nerve. This nerve goes from the spinal column to the lower extremities. When a person is dealing with sciatic nerve pain, they can experience a burning sensation or a stabbing pain that goes from their lower back through the buttocks and all the way down to the lower leg or foot.

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