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by | Jul 28, 2021 | Podiatrist

Orthoses are used to correct deformities and improve function in parts of the body. These devices are part of the science known as orthotics. Indeed, many parts of the body benefit from orthoses. Further, people of all ages and with several conditions use them. A person who assists consumers in this area is called an orthotist. Getting help begins with an assessment by the orthotist. The experts use static and dynamic assessments. A static assessment looks at the body at rest. On the other hand, the dynamic version reviews the moving and weight-bearing body.

The orthotist recommends devices that make the patient move and feel better. Orthoses do this in several ways including controlling deformities and easing the pain. Also, they help joints move better and improve overall body movement. A good example would be Orthotics Foot in Jacksonville FL. There are many foot problems and help is available. One of the most well-known orthoses is a shoe insert. Inserts benefit people with flat feet. Inserts lessen the chances of getting tendinitis and other foot problems. Likewise, heel cushions help to limit stress on the feet. Sometimes, the whole shoe is involved.

Clubfoot is one of the most common birth defects. Indeed, one out of 1,000 infants has this condition. The feet are turned inward so the infant will not be able to walk. Doctors stretch and move the foot until it is in the correct position. Afterwards, a cast is used to hold the foot in place. Next, the baby wears a brace for several months to stabilize the foot. The brace is really a shoe attached to a bar. Similar braces may be worn by people with MS. MS is an auto-immune disease that affects the nervous system. People with the condition often need help to walk. Ankle-foot orthotics (AFO’s) help people lead a normal life. The type of orthoses ranges from an elastic sleeve that supports the foot and ankle to braces. Braces that fit in the wearer’s shoes offer support when lifting the foot. Getting help with Orthotics Foot in Jacksonville FL. is just a phone call away. Contact First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic. These professionals meet their clients’ needs.

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