Benefits to Using Spiral Round Duct in HVAC

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One of the things that many HVAC companies are starting to take a close look at is their choice of ductwork. The rectangular duct was one of the most popular choices for years because many believed it was designed to work better than the spiral round duct.

However, if you take a look at the manufacturers who make spiral ducts, you will notice that more HVAC companies are starting to use spiral round duct products when designing their systems. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits that spiral duct provides.

Air Tightness

The biggest benefit that spiral round duct provides is its airtightness, whether it’s flat oval, oval, or round. Spiral duct manufacturers guarantee that their quality duct will either meet or exceed the highest standard for air leakage.

Self-sealing gaskets used in spiral duct help prevent leakage. Minimal air leakage means better heating and cooling efficiency and lower overall energy costs as you are not losing heat or cooling to empty space.

Cleanliness and Appeal

Over time, dust and debris settles in a building’s ductwork, which means that the ductwork occasionally needs cleaning. Spiral round duct is easier to clean than rectangular ductwork.

Spiral duct is also more appealing to look at in a building that has exposed ductwork. The spiral connections use gasket joints, so no ugly sealant is showing at the various connection joints. The spiral duct also doesn’t require as many flanges and joint connections, which leaves a clean line of ductwork with minimal hangers and supports in place.