The Different Options Of Edge Profiles For Countertops

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One of the many benefits of choosing natural stone countertops is the ability to customize the design fully. Unlike traditional countertops that typically have a flat or slightly rounded edge profile, natural stone provides a range of options.

Homeowners in Minneapolis should consider the look and the style of the various options in edge profiles for natural stone countertops. These edge profiles range from simple and sleek to more elaborate and stylized.

Rounds and Bevels

Both round and bevel styles of edge profiles have either a rounded or a beveled top edge. This can range from an eighth to a half inch design. The half round is also known as a half bullnose, and this is an extremely popular choice. The rounded edge does not have a straight angle, but both provide a great option for standard counters and islands. A full bullnose is a completely rounded profile. This is very sophisticated while still being a practical option.


The Ogee edge profile is an ideal choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. It features a small square edge above a rounded edge, which gives a softer edge profile for countertops.

The apron waterfall edge profile is similar to a large ogee with an extra round on the bottom. The result is a flowing and dramatic look that is perfect for a classic look with any type of natural stone.

While choosing a countertop material is often the first consideration, homeowners in Minneapolis should also consider the edge profile to design the perfect customized counter for their home.