Decisions Couples Can Make Before Making Legal Filings Through a Divorce Law Firm in Las Vegas NV

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A main goal of a Divorce Law Firm in Las Vegas NV is to help the client achieve a fair distribution of assets and a satisfactory outcome of any other issues on the table. If the case were to proceed to court, the judge will try to make sure assets are divided as evenly as possible. The divorcing couple can have more control over the process when they set their strong emotions aside and work together to cooperate during these negotiations.

Beginning the Discussions

If the couple still gets along reasonably well, they may begin these discussions before they actually file for divorce through a law firm such as Pintar Albiston LLP. They may have already separated, but many couples do not start the divorce process for some time after deciding to live apart. They may see no reason to hurry, especially if there are complex issues to resolve.

Child Custody

During their discussions before filing, they’ll want to decide on child custody and visitation matters if they still have kids living at home. Shared physical custody may be possible; otherwise, liberal visitation can be provided.

Addressing Marital Debt

In addition to assets, there also may be marital debt, or debt that was accumulated after the marriage. This also must be addressed. If one individual defaults on payments, creditors can come after the ex-spouse. Paying off as much debt as possible before divorce is the best way for each person to be protected financially in this situation.

Spousal Support

The spouses may have decided that one will pay the other alimony for a certain length of time. This is especially reasonable when one spouse has mainly been a homemaker for many years. It may be very difficult for this person to earn enough money to live on at this point unless some prior experience or education is impressive to employers. Otherwise, career training may be an option.

Another possibility would be receiving support payments until becoming eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. Divorcing couples often do this if they are getting close to the senior years. This can be documented with the court through a Divorce Law Firm in Las Vegas NV. You can also connect them on Facebook.