Spring-Free Trampolines: The Latest Trend in Safe Outdoor Play

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A timeless pastime for young and old alike, the joy of jumping on a trampoline can provide hours of vigorous and interactive fun. Unfortunately, the design of traditional trampolines is prone to causing injury and accidents – but no more. Say goodbye to sprained ankles and twisted wrists with the latest craze in safe outdoor fun: Spring-Free Trampolines.

Designed by experts intent on reducing risk and injury both on the playground and in the backyard, spring-free trampolines provide a safer alternative to the more conventional coil-laden styles. While some traditional models come equipped with padding to protect against slips and falls, the underlying structure remains a hazard to those too close to the edge. At Swingset Toy & Warehouse, we take this danger seriously are proud to offer a range of spring-free trampolines that will let you rest easy while your children play.

Whether you are looking for a smaller model or have your heart set on a larger design complete with netting and a built-in basketball hoop, Swingset Toy & Warehouse is here for you and your family. Give us a call or stop in to one of our showrooms to try out our extensive array of makes and models for yourself! (Don’t forget to bring the kids!)