• March 30, 2023

Direct Patient Document Access With Electronic Filing and Indexing Services

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EHR migrations are big projects with wide-ranging historical data that need correct patient-record allocation. Record abstraction services with dedicated staff reduce the time and costs involved in data capture, document filing and quality assurance.

Data Migration by Trained Staff

Dedicated staff seamlessly manages daily auditing and implementation workloads while manually migrating clinical and legacy data and information. A clinically-trained medical records abstraction team validates sources and ensures information accuracy.

Source data can include:

  • Medications

  • Demographics

  • Lab Results

  • Immunizations

  • Vital Signs

  • Allergies

  • Scanned Items

  • Patient History

  • Encounter Notes

EHR Abstraction Services

Medical record abstraction includes a number of functions that ensure a successful migration project:

  • Continuing Data Capture – Ongoing and discrete data capturing is still a necessity even after migration concludes. A reduction in errors and redundancies through accurate legal charts and updated clinical information promotes health outcomes.

  • Mining and Reporting Data – The production of meaningful information from raw data allows providers to continue to offer quality services and meet submission guidelines

  • Electronic Filing and Indexing – Efficient transitions depend on continuing access to patient historical documents and image files. EHR abstraction services accurately e-file all documents in the correct electronic charts.

Electronic Files for Telehealth

Because virtual visits are a new standard as a result of COVID-19, proper patient information prepping with ready EHR data is important. Manual data abstraction by clinically-trained staff makes critical data available for diagnoses and treatments.

For streamlined data migration through discrete data abstraction by clinically-trained and dedicated staff, contact MDabstract at (866) 817-1869 or online at https://www.mdabstract.com/ today.