Epoxy Floors Offer an Array of Advantages for Homes in Long Island, NY

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From creating a stylish atmosphere to offering easy-to-clean solutions, the beauty and durability of epoxy floor coverings make them an ideal choice for your home. If you’re considering a new floor covering in NY take a moment to learn about the benefits of epoxy.

Customized Designs

Whether you want a dramatic impact or a subtle impression, epoxy floors bring your creative vision to life with an array of shades and motifs. Choose a granite look with color flecks or a marbleized finish for a terrazzo-like result. Waves, stripes, even color photos can be recreated with high-gloss effects for your floor covering in NY.

Functional and Sanitary Surfaces

Seamless floors are nonporous, so there’s no grout to collect bacteria, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants. It’s simple and takes less time to keep kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces in your home clean. The impact-resistant nature of epoxy protects high-traffic areas, such as entryways, garages, and basements from cracks and chips.

Professional Installation and Quality Materials

Epoxy is a synthetic combination of resin and harder materials, guarding your floors against peeling and flaking. Using a flexible system, epoxy floor covering in NY absorbs impacts to create resilient surfaces. Self-leveling is applied over new as well as old, damaged floors to create a smooth and low-maintenance finish. The combined techniques provide long-lasting results.

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